American Legion - Earl Graham Post 159
Bryan Texas

Still Serving!



Troop Boxes

Legionaires Olivia and Glenn Burnside lead a group of volunteers in packing Troop Boxes on the second Thursday of each month at
1800.  Members of the community are welcome to bring donations and to come help pack the boxes and prepare them for shipment
to active duty service members deployed overseas.

List of needed items:

Snack Foods and Candies
Powder Drink mix - #1 requested item - Kool Aid, Flavor Aid, Crystal Light, single server instant coffee/hot chocolate
Nuts - #2 requested item - individual bags of Sun Flower Seeds, Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, mixes of all kinds
Peanut butter crackers, Cheese crackers - we put 2-4 pkgs crackers per zip lock bag
Cookies - either in sturdy boxes or in pkgs similar to the peanut butter crackers
Hard Candy - Jolly Ranchers, Butter Scotch, peppermint, lollipops - we will open large bags and put in zip lock bags
Chocolate/meltable candies - shipped November through February only - bite size candy bars, Snickers, Baby Ruth, etc.
Jerky, beef sticks
Canned/Pkg Meats - Vienna Sausages, Tuna
Trail Mix

Socks, white or black only
Wash Cloths, Dark colors

Paperback books -Westerns, Detective Story's, Science Fiction -CURRENTLY HAVE MORE BOOKS THAN WE NEED
Decks of cards
Other card games - small/portable
DVDs and CDs
Magazines - no older than 6 months
Puzzle books - Crossword, Sudoko, Word Find, etc. (they tear out and share pages)

Hygiene Items
Tooth Brushes, Tooth Paste, Dental Floss, any kind
Disposable Razors
First Aid creams
Bags of Cough Drops
Baby wipes. They’re great when you don't have water to take a bath - we never have too many of these, buy a case if you can 

A recent Thank you email .....

First of all I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I am 1SG B________ of the _________Company deployed to ______ and
you and the American Legion (Earl Graham Post #159) has really made all of us very happy. Your care packages have touched
each and every one of us and has made our time here just that much better. I am very grateful for people like you and the
American Legion that shows their support for the Military. I have a Company around 100 or more Soldiers and for a lot of them, this is their first time deploying. You have made this deployment a lot easier by showing us the warm love that we have back in the
states. My young Soldiers never knew that this type of support was even around. The shock and surprise looks that they have
when they open up one of your boxes amazes me every time. I have to tell my Soldiers that it is not for me, it is for my them,
the outstanding Soldiers that I am in charge of. They are the reason why I am even here right now. I should be retired and at
home spending time with my grandson, but when we got orders to come over here I owed it to them to come over with them and bring them all back home safe. I have had multiple deployments in my 23 years and was not looking to come over here again. But when
you build a family like I have here now, I couldn't help myself. So for me to see the smiles on their faces when opening up your
care packages and for them to see the love that we have from home is worth staying in a few more years. Once again from the
bottom of the __________Company's heart, we say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

 Timothy B_____